Lindsay Du Gas

Lindsay is a Risk Assessor/Toxicologist and the National Lead for the Risk Assessment Centre of Excellence at SNC-Lavalin. She currently specializes in human health and ecological risk assessment for contaminated sites, environmental impact assessments and spill response. Her background in aquatic and marine biology and toxicology provides a strong foundation for the effective interpretation of levels of contaminants in environmental media, the evaluation of routes of exposure and assessment of the potential for adverse effects. Lindsay participates in petroleum product spill response programs, predicting potential effects and evaluating risks to aquatic biota, and previously supported the marine and freshwater components of environmental assessments for large scale LNG and mining projects in BC. Lindsay obtained a Bachelor of Science (Integrative Biology) and a Master of Environmental Toxicology from SFU, and is currently a Registered Professional Biologist in BC.

Lindsay is excited to have joined the EMA Board three years ago, and was elected to serve as VP Marketing in 2019.  She will work to support the organization in identifying, collaborating and sharing knowledge on common issues and topics relevant to environmental professionals across industry, government and academia groups.