Kathleen Fyffe

Kathleen Fyffe is the Continuous Improvement Specialist for CARO Analytical Services.  Kathleen joined CARO as a Client Service Representative in 2014, becoming an Account Manager shortly thereafter.  In 2016, Kathleen took on the role of Quality Assurance Specialist, ensuring CARO’s continued compliance with ISO 17025 Accreditation. The combination of Kathleen’s background and education led to the creation of the Continuous Improvement Specialist position.  In this role, Kathleen acts as a change agent to investigate business requirements, considering company goals to determine best solutions. Kathleen defines, configures, tests and implements these solutions, manages the change process and supports users through the implementation phase.

Kathleen worked in the financial industry and in garden design before completing the Chemical and Environmental Technologist Program at BCIT.  Kathleen completed her MBA from the University of Northern British Columbia in 2019 and has used her many skills in her role at CARO and on the EMA Board.  Kathleen joined the EMA as a Director At Large in 2019, taking on the Secretary role in 2020.  Kathleen hopes to help the EMA reach new heights in industry involvement and recognition.