Vanessa Osorio

Vanessa Osorio is the Vice President Vice Chair of the EMA of BC. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science, and a Diploma of Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology. Vanessa has been in the Environmental industry, working in both private and government sectors, for 8 years. Currently, Vanessa works at Milestone Environmental Contracting as a Project Manager and Facility Manager. Her career focus has been on environmental regulations, contaminated sites and environmental remediation, and she has developed expertise in these areas as well as in the technical review and assessment of environmental data.

Vanessa is passionate about the EMA of BC and is proud to serve on the board, as the association provides a valuable platform for networking, sharing of industry knowledge, and continual learning for environmental professionals in BC. Together with the Workshop Committee, she works to deliver relevant and meaningful content to the EMA of BC’s wide member base.

When she is not working or volunteering on the board, Vanessa enjoys spending time working on her organic home garden.