Mark Condon

Mark Condon is an environmental professional with over 9 years’ experience in the
industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science specializing in Environmental Biology from
University College, Dublin and a joint international Master of Science in Global
Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy from University College Dublin, combined
with Justus Liebig University, Giessen (Germany).

Mark currently works as an Environmental Coordinator for Seaspan ULC, at their
new ship construction facility in North Vancouver. Mark enjoys the diversity of the
tasks and teams he works with. He works to ensure regulatory compliance and
maintenance of ISO 14001 and Green Marine accreditations. He supports the site’s
Wastewater Treatment Plant and particularly enjoys findings solutions which
improve environmental performance and can be integrated into operational
practices. He has extensive experience in waste management, auditing, risk
assessment, training delivery, compliance and incident response.

A certified Applied Science Technologist (AScT), Mark began attending EMA of BC
events in 2018 to ensure new or changing environmental regulations were
adequately anticipated and adjusted to. He has proudly served on the Board of the
EMA of BC since 2021. He enjoys sharing ideas and collaborating with the industry
leaders he meets and taking learnings back to his day-job.