Past Presentations Archive

Presentations from past sessions are listed from most recent to oldest.

2020 September Webinar: Drone Use in Environmental Management by Graham Anderson of UAViation

2020 June Webinar: Climate Change and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for Environmental Professionals by Nelson Lee of Green Sky Sustainability

2020 EMA Workshop – March 5, 2020
How to get to yes with clients and government – Amber Ashenhurst, Hatfield Consultants
Creating win-win projects that benefit your business and Indigenous communities – Gavin Dormitter, Milestone Environmental Contracting and Nicci Bergunder, Matcon Civil Constructors

2020 Academic Innovators Award Posters – March 5, 2020
1st Place – Renewable electricity can be used to drive useful chemical transmission – Jansonious et al.
2nd Place – High yield and environmentally friendly production of lignin containing cellulose nanocrystals – Jiang et al.
3rd Place – Hydromorphic Modelling of Bedrock Width Dynamics – Li et al.

Annual Legal Update – January 16, 2020
Case Law Update – Luke Dineley and Ingrid Braul, BLG
The New Environmental Assessment Act – Jennifer Nyland, Lawson Lundell

Cannabis: Challenges and Opportunities in the Environmental Sector – November 21, 2019
Exploring Options for Managing Emissions: Cannabis Production and Processing – Julie Saxton, MetroVancouver
An Introduction to Laboratory Testing in the Cannabis Industry – Bryan Shaw, Caro Analytical Services