EMA of BC’s Indigenous Project Award

The EMA of BC is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Indigenous Project Award!

Here are the criteria for submission:

  • The project, program, or study needs to be based in BC
  • The organization or business needs to be 50% or more indigenous owned (including business partnerships)
  • Initiatives need to be focused on either 1) Ecosystem restoration; 2) Environmental studies or research; or 3) Traditional ecological knowledge
  • Projects and programs must be initiated or ongoing in 2020
  • Projects need to demonstrate their approximate budget and explain how EMA of BC’s $2,000 in funds will be used.

Each organization can submit up to two projects. Please use this application form and submit to info@emaofbc.com. Deadline for submission is October 11th, 2020.

The EMA of BC Board of Directors will select a winning project and contact the winners. The project will be announced publicly the week of October 26th, 2020.