Webinar: Nawalakw Healing Society – EMA Indigenous Projects Award Winner on February 17, 2021

Thank you to Chief K’odi Nelson for the inspirational talk! Please see presentation slides and watch the trailer of the project!

2020 EMA Indigenous Projects Award winner Chief K’odi will give a presentation on the Nawalakw Healing Society, their EMA Award winning project. Nawalakw (translated as “Supernatural”) is a social venture in the Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis Territory or Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, one of the richest and most diverse biospheres on earth. Envisioned as a dual-purpose, world-class eco-tourism destination during the summer months, it will deliver traditional healing and teachings in all aspects of the Kwakwa?ka??wakw language and culture the rest of the year, funded by profits from Nawalakw Healing Village and Lodge.  This multi-phase project will create presence and environmental stewardship in our traditional territory, fund healing and language revitalization programs, and create pride in our people. Nawalakw and related businesses will employ over 100 people from local villages and the surrounding Kwakwa?ka??wakw territory, while protecting the biodiversity of this sacred place. Learn more at www.nawalakw.com

Webinar on Wednesday February 17, 2021 from 12-1 PM. Register now!