2018 AGM Summary and Board of Directors List

By Leanne Harris, Past President

The 2018 AGM was held at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver in advance of the 2018 EMA of BC Environmental Management Awards.

The AGM was executed with the 2018-2019 budget approved. No new business was brought forward. Finally, a new Board with several new faces was elected:

2018-2019 EMA of BC Board Members

President – Bryan Shaw (CARO Analytical Services)

VP – Vice-Chair – Tara Wight

VP Membership – Richard Pope (Dillon Consulting)

VP Communications – Luke Dineley (Borden Ladner Gervias LLP)

Treasurer – Anthony Collett (SLR Consulting)

Secretary – Michelle Anderson (SLR Consulting)

Director at Large – Miranda Lewis (Triton Environmental Consultants)

Director at Large –  Melissa Magnuson (AGAT Laboratories)

Director at Large –  Lindsay Du Gas (SNC Lavalin)

Director at Large –  Andrea Rivers (PGL Environmental)

Director at Large –  Jasmeen Jatana (ALS Environmental)

Director at Large –  James Hoffele (Vancouver Fraser Port Authority)

Director at Large –  Jon Arason (BC Rapid Transit Company Ltd – Skytrain)

Director at Large –  Karen Pyne (Metro Vancouver)

Past President – Leanne Harris (Metro Vancouver)

The 2018-2019 EMA of BC Board is excited for the year ahead as we start planning our monthly sessions, the annual Workshop, and begin the process for the 2019 Environmental Management Awards.

The 2018 EMA of BC Awards Gala results are summarized here.