May 2016 Regional Air Topics – Summaries & Slides

The EMA’s May Session was about Regional Air Topics.  We discussed GHG strategies to streamline and reduce verification costs, recent regulatory developments in LNG, as well air dispersion modelling and the new interim updates to NO2 & SO2.

Nelson Lee from Green Sky Sustainability Consulting was our first presenter, he provided an educational and informative presentation on BC’s Climate Leadership Plan and LNG: where are we going? He discussed the existence and importance of carbon markets why they are here, and that they will likely being staying. He also touched upon the importance of efficient GHG reporting and verification, GHG opportunities, and GHG emissions around the world, within Canada and locally in BC.  may20 031

Anna Henolson from Trinity Consultants was our second presenter and she provided and interesting and technical presentation on; Kitimat’s Air shed Emission Effects Assessment and CALPUFF Modelling. Anna provided an overview of the Kitimat Airshed Emission Effects Assessment and a brief introduction to CALPULL modelling analysis.  She also discussed the numerous projects that have been proposed for the Kitimat area which is placing new and urgent demands upon regulatory decision making processes. She went on further to discuss how the various scenarios examined in the study (all with different total emission rates) affected the model results and the overall conclusions of the studyand how the insights from this case study can be used to provide insight into the current technical challenges faced by proponents, such as demonstrating compliance with the new stringent 1 hour SO2 and NO2 interim BC air quality objectives.